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Welcome to Delson Lumber, LLC

Delson Lumber is a North American wholesale/distribution company stocking an assortment of Douglas Fir appearance grade timbers. Our products are used in residential and commercial construction where the highest architectural standards are specified. We strive for excellence in the quality of the materials we sell and the level of service we provide to our customers.

Appearance Timbers

Coastal Douglas Fir with its characteristic dense, straight grain is specified in post and beam construction where the highest architectural standards for appearance and strength are required. Used in for timber frame buildings, timber frame homes and other timber frame structures or architectural designs.


siding_homeWestern Red Cedar 1/2” Bevel Siding is the classic horizontal lap siding which has been in use throughout North America for centuries. It can be applied with either the smooth face exposed for a traditional appearance or using the saw textured face for a more rustic treatment.

Beaded Ceiling

Douglas Fir beaded_ceiling_homeCombination Ceiling pattern is typically used for interior applications or exterior areas which are covered such as entry ways and porch ceilings. This tongue & groove pattern is reversible offering a traditional beaded repeat on one face and also a more contemporary narrow V-groove appearance on the other.

Tongue & Groove

tng_homeWestern Red Cedar 1” Tongue & Groove can be used as exterior siding or soffit although it is more commonly used as an interior paneling. The Edge V–One Side (EV1S) with a flush resawn back is the most popular T&G pattern and is also available with an Edge V-Two Sides (EV2S).

T&G Decking

decking_homeT&G Roof Decking is installed on the top of rafters where open trusses or exposed beams allow the roof decking to show from underneath. Douglas Fir is the preferred species for interior applications. While Incense Cedar provides beauty and excellent durability for soffits and outdoor structures exposed to the weather.


paneling_homeWestern Red Cedar 7/16” Tongue & Groove paneling is typically used for interior applications with the smooth face providing a refined and contemporary appearance. The flush re-sawn face can also be used for a more rustic look.